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In 1978, MR Lindsay Boone & MR John Sharett began the organizational effort to establish what is now called the Stonewall Camp 380 of Portsmouth, VA.  On July 31, 1978 approximately 18-20 members of the Tidewater Region & NSSA met at the home of Lindsay Boone to charter Stonewall Camp 380. These men represented the skirmish teams of the Washington Grays, Mosbyís Rangers, Dismal Swamp Rangers, 66th North Carolina, 4th Virginia Cavalry, Portsmouth Light Artillery, Norfolk Light Infantry and the Nansemond Guard made up the original 23 charter members.

In January 1979 the Stonewall Camp 380 hosted its first annual Lee Jackson Banquet. This first banquet was attended by over 100 people. The Banquet is held each year as close as possible to the birthdays of Lee and Jackson. Each banquet has a guest speaker who talks on some aspect of the war. 

In May of 1979 the Stonewall Camp 380 marched with additional troops provided by NSSA teams in the Memorial Day Parade in Norfolk, Virginia at Woodlawn Memorial Gardens.

On Veteranís Day 1979 the Stonewall Camp 380 joined with the Sons of Union Veterans to make a unit in the parade at Woodlawn Memorial Gardens.

In December of 1979 the Stonewall Camp 380 gave a living history demonstration to students at Western Branch High School which included classroom show & tell on arms & equipment of the War followed by outdoor firing of muskets, cannon & mortar. These living history demonstrations continued over a ten year period until the politically correct climate and the anti-gun / anti battle flag sentiments now prevent area students from enjoying hearing the truth about the War.

Starting in 1980 thru 1985 the Stonewall Camp 380 provided Color Guard for opening ceremonies at Tidewater Regional Skirmishes.  Also in 1980 the Stonewall Camp 380 participated in the 100th convention of the SUV in Richmond and the charter meeting of the USS Monitor Post, SUV in Norfolk.

In November of 1980 the Stonewall Camp 380 held a memorial service in Cedar Hill Cemetery in Suffolk for 1st Sgt. Richard A. Channell, Co. A, 16th Va. Inf. His veteranís stone was stolen at some point in time and returned to the camp in 1979. The stone was reset at his gravesite.

In April of 1981 the Stonewall Camp 380 provided the Color Guard for the dedication of Fort Boykin in Isle of Wright County.  Members raised a 1st National on the Fort flag pole, the first time a confederate flag had flown over the Fort since 1862.

In May of 1981 the Stonewall Camp 380 again provided the Color Guard and assisted with the salutes with muskets and cannon for the dedication of the Major John Pelham Monument in Kellyís Ford, Va.

On Jefferson Davisí birthday, the Stonewall Camp 380 participated as flag escorts at the Massing of the Flags in Richmond.

The SCVís 86th General (National) Convention was held in Richmond which the Stonewall Camp 380 provided the Color Guard for the opening ceremonies.

For approximately six years, up to 1992 Camps members provided Color & Honor Guards in Ivy Hill Cemetery in Smithfield, Va. on Memorial Day. In 1991 the Stonewall Camp 380 had 25 aluminum CS veterans grave markers cast and installed. Old iron markers were also reset. Also in 1991 the Stonewall Camp 380 had a replacement saber blade made and installed on the cavalryman on the Portsmouth Confederate Monument.

The Stonewall Camp 380 began participating in the Chesapeake Civil War Days celebration in September of 1991 and has continued since. 

After a historical tour of Cedar Grove Cemetery in Portsmouth in July 1995 the Stonewall Camp 380 decided to restore the cemetery. Over the past 10 years literally thousands of man hours have gone into this restoration project. More than 300 Confederate veteran stones have been re-lettered and reset, stones pressure washed, trees cut out, trees planted & grave sites preserved.   On Memorial Day 1996 the Stonewall Camp 380 hosted the first annual Memorial Day service at Cedar Grove Cemetery. At this time, the only monument to the crew of the CSS Virginia was unveiled and dedicated. This monument was made from granite from the original Dry Dock No.1 where the CSS Virginia was built. To help pay for this restoration project, paperweights made from Dry Dock No.1 granite were sold. Also the Stonewall Camp 380 undertook having Porterís History of Norfolk County republished.

In March 1997 the Stonewall Camp 380 co-hosted the 135th anniversary of the Battle of Hampton Roads between CSS Virginia and USS Monitor.  This event included historical lectures, banquet and reenactment of the battle.

In 1998 the Stonewall Camp 380 members began the restoration of Evergreen Cemetery in Smithfield, Virginia.

Over the past 25 years, the Stonewall Camp 380 has participated in dozens of parades, ceremonies and color guards all over Virginia and Eastern North Carolina. The Stonewall Camp 380 has steadfastly upheld the principles of the SCV Constitution Preamble ratified in 1896 and the Commission to the SCV given by Gen. Stephen D. Lee.

If you are interested in perpetuating the ideals that motivated your Confederate ancestor, the SCV needs you. The memory and reputation of the Confederate soldier, as well as the motives for suffering and sacrifice, are being consciously distorted by some in an attempt to alter history. Unless the descendants of Southern soldiers resist those efforts, a unique part of our nation's cultural heritage will cease to exist. If you would like to fill out and print our online application click here.  You will also need to download our Descendent lineage chat too. 

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